Cryogenic storage SD-1000 Gas

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Cryogenic storage SD-1000 Gas from stainless steel with a narrow neck and a capacity of 928 liters is designed for long-term storage of biomaterials in cryostraws, cryotubes or cryopacks in liquid nitrogen vapors at temperatures below -150°C.

Highly effective multilayer superinsulation and a narrow neck provide the lowest possible level of nitrogen evaporation and temperature variations.

Cryogenic storage SD-1000 Gas includes a rotary internal platform system with a rotary arm located outside of the cryogenic storage.

High biomaterial safety is ensured by a convenient lid with a gaslift system and a lock that allows to control access to the cryogenic storage.

The electronic cryocontroller S170 with the display monitors, displays and transfer data of storage temperature of the biomaterial and the level of liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic storage, and also automatically refills it with liquid nitrogen.

For laboratory, clinical and industrial applications.

Material stainless steel
Useful capacity 928 л
Losses 8,5 l/days
Overall dimensions (ØхH) 1400х1370 mm
Total height with open lid 1905 mm
Lid opening diameter 520 mm
Useful internal diameter 1260 mm
Useful height 693 mm
Storage capacity in liquid nitrogen vapors  
Cryostraws in flasks 65х135 mm  
Quantity of containers/levels 256/3
Straws 0,25 ml 629760
Quantity of straws 0,25 ml in container 820 straws in flask
Straws 0,5 ml 280320
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in container 365 straws in flask
Straws 0,5ml HS (high safety) 172800
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in container 225 straws in flask
Cryotubes 1,8-2 ml in square cryoboxes  
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 142х142xH) 44/9
Cryotubes1,8-2ml (100/cryobox) 39600
Quantity of additional racks/levels (dimensions 85х85хН) 16/9
Cryotubes1,8-2ml (81/cryobox) 3600
Cryotubes 5 ml in square cryoboxes  
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 40х140хН) 44/4
Cryotubes 5 ml(81/cryobox) 14256
Gambro cryopacks DF700  
Quantity of racks/levels 62/1
Cryopacks DF700 (6/level) 372