Robot-based cryobank ASKION C-line

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Cryobank ASKION on the basis of hermetic robotic cryogenic storage HS200S, functionality of which have no analogues in the global market. Hermetic cryo-storages are designed by German company ASKION GmbH and have a number of fundamentally new solutions in comparison with classical cryo-storages, in particular:

- tightness, which prevents moisture accumulation and icing inside the cryostorage;

- automatic loading for storage and unloading of samples in cryotubes by means of software-controlled integrated manipulator;

- external automation that allows to combine all cryogenic storages HS200 S of the cryobank in a single system for loading and unloading samples from one point;

- storage of samples in liquid nitrogen vapors at a temperature below -150°C, which eliminates possibility of cross contamination, etc.

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