Cryogenic storage LO-2250 M

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Cryogenic storage LO-2250 M  with a capacity of 218 liters has excellent ergonomic characteristics, provides high capacity of the freeze material and can be equipped with any system for storage cryostraws, cryotubes or cryopacks in liquid nitrogen vapors at temperatures below -196°C.

Made of aluminum alloy with a fiberglass neck. For convenience and safe operation cryogenic storages are put on a wheel base; two wheels out of five have a braking system.

The electronic cryocontroller S170 with the display monitors, displays and transfer data of storage temperature of the biomaterial and the level of liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic storage, and also automatically refills it with liquid nitrogen.

For laboratory, clinical and industrial applications.

Material aluminum
Useful capacity 218 l
Losses 5 l/day
Dimensions (HхL) 1380х680mm
Neck I.D. 590 mm
Internal height 840 mm
Effective height 740 mm
Empty vessel weight 72 kg
Gross vessel weight 248kg
Capacity when storage in liquid nitrogen
Cryostrawsin flasks 65х135mm
Quantity of containers/levels 56/5
Straws 0,25ml 229600,00
Quantity of straws 0,25 ml in a glass 820 straws
Straws 0,5ml 102200,00
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in a glass 365 straws
Straws 0,5ml HS 63000,00
(high reliability)
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in a glass 225 straws
Cryotubes 1,8-2ml in square cryoboxes
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 140х140) 41487,00
1,8-2ml cryotubes 10400,00
Quantity of additional racks/levels 41365,00
(rack dimensions 80х80хН)
1,8-2 ml cryotubes 1300,00
Cryotubes 5ml in square cryoboxes
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 140х140хН) 43289,00
5 ml cryotubes 4536,00
Gambro cryopacks DF700
Quantity of racks/levels 43143,00
Cryopacks DF700 144,00