Pressurized cryovessel CryoStoc-600/4

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A vertical cryogenic vessel CryoStoc-600/4 with effective volume of 600 liters and working pressure of up to 3.9 bar for transporting and storage liquid nitrogen.

It is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The low center of gravity provides the vessel with special stability and convenience in operation. CryoStoc-600/4 is screen-vacuum insulated, equipped with built-in pressure boosting system, as well as a float level meter (or a capacitive dial gauge - by request).

For laboratory and industrial use.

Specifications CryoStoc-600/4
Effective volume 600 l
Nominal volume 632 l
Height 1593 mm
Outer diameter 1050 mm
Empty vessel weight 368 kg
Full vessel weight
liquid nitrogen 853 kg
liguid oxygen 1052 kg
liquid argon 1208 kg
Static losses rate
liquid nitrogen 1 %/day
liguid oxygen 0,7 %/day
liquid argon 0,7 %/day
Loading/unloading forklift loader
Working pressure max 3.9 bar