CryoJet Mini - cryotherapy apparatus

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CryoJet Mini unit for local air cooling of skin and mucous before, during or after thermal procedures in cosmetology, dermatology and aesthetic medicine. CryoJet Mini supplies the cooled air stream to the treated area in order to avoid the inflammatory and other negative consequences of such procedures as peeling, grinding, dermabrasion, contour plasty, etc. Cooling the skin and mucous with a cold air jet stops pain syndrome on time and after the procedure, and also removes excess heat (one of the sources of inflammatory processes), which accumulates in the dermis during thermal procedures.

Areas of application: aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetology.

Air speed 350-1000 l/min
Air flow temperature -32˚С
Hose length 180 cm
Height 65 cm
Width 33,5 cm
Depth 60 cm
Weight 36 кг