Cryogenic shoe covers Ghette-Cryo

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Fully waterproof shoe covers Ghette-Cryo to protect feet when working with liquid nitrogen or other cryogenic liquids. Made of materials specially designed for use in this field. Successful tests were run on contact with liquid nitrogen (-196°C) for one minute and subsequent elasticity tests (RCT method).

EU Certificate of Category 3

Suitable for operation in atmosphere of liquid nitrogen and other cryogenic gases, prevent contact with the cold and burns in the event of leakage of liquefied gas, especially during transport:
- Biology
- Cryogenic storages of biomaterials
- Medical technology
- Food industry
- Molecular gastronomy
- Ice cream shops
- Chemical industry
- Scientific research
- Technologies of environmental protection
- Medical technology
- Computer technologies, etc.

GHETTE CRYO are made of special laminated composite fabric with completely waterproof coating. Adjustable individually with the help of a fastener made of VELCRO textile tape (Velcro).
One universal size

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