Cryodiffuser CryoSkin

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Cryodiffuser CryoSkin is a portable cryogenic surgical device with liquid nitrogen which applies in dermatology and cosmetic medicine. Cryofiffuser allows to spray liquid nitrogen under pressure in treated skin area using special spray nozzles. Standard kit includes 9 spray nozzles. The device can also be used with probe tips for contact cryodestruction or with a slot tip to create cold gas flow.

CryoSkin is made of stainless steel and has vaccum insulation and it helps to maintain the instrument case heated while working with liquid nitrogen (- 196° C).


Empty vessel weight 0,59 kg
Mass of the apparatus filled with liquid nitrogen 0,84 kg
Diameter 63 mm
Capacity 0,31 l
Full evaporation period of liquid nitrogen out of work 11 hours
 Standard set of nozzles 9 pcs
Additional set of probes 5 pcs