Cryogenic gasificator CryoCyl-1000/37

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CryoCyl-1000/37 is the vertical cryogenic stainless steel gasificator with capacity of 954 liters, designed for transportation, storage and delivery to the consumer of cryogenic products in liquid or gaseous state under pressure of up to 37 bar. It is filled with liquid nitrogen (LN2), liquid oxygen (LO2), liquid argon (LAr), nitrous oxide (N2O) and liquid carbon dioxide (LCO2).

CryoCyl-1000/37 is equipped with a pressure build up vaporizer located outside the vessel and allowing to obtain the required pressure in the liquid supply vessel, and also with a production vaporizer installed in the frame structure and allowing to gasify liquid and supply gas.

Areas of application: industry, food industry, medicine and laboratories.


Liquid: total volume 960.5 liters
Liquid: Working volume 864 liters
Gas volume (Nm³) *  
N2 567
O2 701
Ar 686
CO2 483
N2O 461
Evaporation losses 1.2 % per day
N2, O2, Ar gas supply 30 Nm³/hr
CO2, N2O gas supply 10 Nm³/hr
Maximum working pressure 37 bar
Application areas standing and transport
Diameter of cylindrical part 1050 mm
Frame pallet construction 1200х1200х2000
Weight empty/full  
gasificator without pallet structure 900/1598
gasificator with pallet structure 990/1688
*at atmospheric pressure for N2, O2, Ar.