Cryogenic storage CD-90

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Stainless steel storage tank CD 90 with capacity of 92 liters is designed for storing and transporting biomaterials in cryogenic tubes in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C, in liquid nitrogen vapors at a temperature below -150°C or in a "dry" phase at a temperature below -180°C.

The wide neck provides easy access to the samples.

Dependence on field of application it can be equipped with a storage system including:  
• Containers for French straws for artificial insemination;
• Racks for blood bags for storage of blood and its derivatives;
• Racks with boxes for cryotubes in cryoboxes for other biological materials.

Electronic cryocontroller DEN controls liquid nitrogen level in the cryogenic storage.

For laboratory, clinical and industrial applications.

Useful capacity, liters 92
External dimensions (ØxH), mm 460х1014
Useful dimensions (ØxH), mm 410х702
Static losses, liters/day 4
Static holding time, days 23

Storage systems

  Liquid nitrogen Liquid nitrogen vapors Dry phase
Cryotubes 1.8 ml in cryobox 10x10 4400 3600 3300
Quantity of standard racks/levels 4/11 4/9 3/11
Cryotubes 5 ml in a 9x9 cryobox 1944 1620 1458
Quantity of racks/levels 4/6 4/5 3/6
Blood bags DF700 (thickness 14 mm) 60 30 48
Quantity of racks/levels (6 blood bags per level) 5/2 5/1 4/2
Goblets for cryostraws (ø 66х135 mm) 130 104 100
Quantity of containers/levels 26/5 26/4 20/5
Cryostraws 0,25 ml (820 per goblet) 106600 85820 82000
Cryostraws 0,50 ml (365 per goblet) 47450 37960 36500
Cryostraws HS 0,50 ml (225 per goblet) 29250 23400 22500