Cryostorage BR-2200 М

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Cryostorage BR-2200 М with capacity of 197 liters with screen vacuum insulation for storage of biomaterials in cryotubes and cryostraws in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196°C or in liquid nitrogen vapor at a temperature below -150°C. It is equipped with racks compatible with standard cryoboxes for 25, 81 or 100 cryotubes.

The storage is made of aluminum alloy, the internal vessel is attached to the outer one by means of a fiberglass neck. This design together with screen vacuum insulation allows to achieve very good characteristics: long storage time and low losses of liquid nitrogen.

The cryogenic storage BR-2200 М can be equipped with an electronic level meter (DEN) or more complex electronic devices: a cryocontroller (S170) to control automatic filling, monitoring and recording temperature in the cryogenic storage.

Useful capacity, liters 197
Empty vessel weight without racks, kg 62
Gross vessel weight without racks, kg 221
Overall height, mm 1076
Outer diameter, mm 680
Neck I.D., mm 215
Losses, liters/day 0.65
Static holding time, days 303
Storage systems  
Quantity of racks 6
Cryotubes ø 12mm  
Quantity of levels of 52 mm height 11 (100 tubes/level)
Cryotubes 2 ml 6600
Quantity of levels of 95 mm height 5
Cryotubes 5 ml 2430
Glass vessels dia.65 mm, 135 mm height  
Quantity of levels 4 (4 per level)