Cryogenic storage BF-2350 Gas

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Cryogenic storage BF-2350 Gas from stainless steel with a wide neck and capacity of 402 liters is designed for long-term storage of biomaterials in cryostraws, cryotubes or blood bags in liquid nitrogen vapors at a temperature below -150°C.

The wide neck provides easy access to the samples.

High security of biomaterial is ensured by a convenient lid with a lock and gaslift system that allows to control access to the cryogenic storage.

Electronic CryoController S170 ensures control, display and transfer of biosamples storage temperature and level of liquid nitrogen in the cryogenic storage for further processing. Besides S170 is intended for automatical refilling of the storage with liquid nitrogen.


For laboratory, clinical and industrial applications.

Material stainless steel
Useful capacity, litres 402
Static loss, liters/day 7
Dimensions (HxWxD), mm 1095х872х1052
Neck diameter, mm 800
Useful height, mm 790
Empty vessel weight, kg 300
Gross vessel weight, kg 705

Storage capacity in liquid nitrogen vapors

Cryostraws in goblets 65х135mm
Quantity of canisters/levels 104/5
Straws 0,25 ml 426400
Quantity of straws 0,25 ml in goblets 820  straws in goblet
Straws 0,5 ml 189800
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in canister 365 straws in goblet
Straws 0,5 ml HS (high security) 117000
Quantity of straws 0,5 ml in canister 225 straws in goblet
Cryotubes1,8-2ml in square cryobox
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 142х142) 17.12
Cryotubes1,8-2ml (100/cryobox) 20400
Quantity of additional racks/levels (dimensions 80х80хН) 4.12
Cryotubes1,8-2ml (25/cryobox) 1200
Cryotubes 5 ml in square cryobox
Quantity of racks/levels (dimensions 40х140хН) 17.6
Cryotubes 5 ml (81/cryobox) 8262
Blood bags Gambro DF700
Quantity of racks/levels 24.2
Blood bags DF700 (6/level) 288