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Air cryosauna Criohome (-85°C)

Air cryosauna Criohome for health and life quality improvement. A unique wellness complex for Wellness, SPA, Fitness centers, country residences and yachts. Air temperature is -85°C. Without using liquid nitrogen.

Cryosauna CrioSpace 2К (-110°C)

Air two-chamber cryosauna CryoSpace 2K is a modern high-tech medical cryogenic complex for general air cryotherapy without use of liquid nitrogen. It includes a chamber and a pre-chamber for cryoprocedures, a three-stage refrigeration machine, power and control cabinets and an external condenser.

Cryosauna CrioSpace 3К (-110°C)

Air three-chamber cryosauna CryoSpace 3K  is a modern high-tech medical cryogenic complex for general air cryotherapy without use of liquid nitrogen. It includes a chamber and a pre-chamber for cryoprocedures, a three-stage refrigeration machine, power and control cabinets and an external condenser.

CryoJet C200 Physio (Cryo 6) - cryotherapy apparatus

Installation for local air cryotherapy CryoJet C200 Physio (Cryo 6) removes pain and inflammation, improves microcirculation of blood, restores motor functions of joints.
Areas of application: rheumatology, orthopedics, traumatology, neurology, physiotherapy, sports medicine, dermatology, cosmetology, fitness

CryoJet Mini - cryotherapy apparatus

CryoJet Mini unit for local air cooling of skin and mucous before, during or after thermal procedures in cosmetology, dermatology and aesthetic medicine.
Areas of application: aesthetic medicine, dermatology, cosmetology.

What is cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy (from Greek "kryos" and "therapy") means cold treatment. It is a multipurpose therapeutic technology based on dosed short-term impact of cold. The essence of the procedure is in extreme cooling of the whole human body, including the head, in dry air environment at a temperature from -60°C to -120°C. Air cryotherapy practically has no age, physiological and psychological limitations; it is harmless and environmentally friendly.


  • performance decrement;
  • decrease of body protective and adaptive forces (immunity);
  • neuropsychic status violation: depression, fatigue, low spirits, loss of vital and spiritual harmony;
  • metabolic disease;
  • slowdown of regenerative processes;
  • deterioration of muscle and skin tone;
  • micromegaly,premature body aging.

Efficiency of using Criohome in sports and health centers:

  • application of cold in physical training programs in the form of a short-term precooling in the cold chamber leads to increase in exercise capacity;
  • Criohome can be reasonably used in anti-cellulite programs and weight loss programs because of metabolism acceleration when exposed to cold;
  • a session in air cryosauna significantly improves effectiveness of cosmetic procedures;
  • theatement in the cryochamber reduces level of anxiety and emotional tension.

What is cryomassage?

Сryomassage is one of the popular therapeutic methods in cosmetology.
It is a procedure based on the response of the body to cold. Traditionally cryomassage is performed with a special cryomassage stick with a cotton swab, wetted in liquid nitrogen.
Short-term cooling causes a spasm, followed by expansion of blood vessels upon termination of exposure. Such cold "attacks" cause strong metabolic activity. Cryomassage produces good tonic and rejuvenating effect, removes inflammatory processes and edema, accelerates skin cells regeneration and Improves blood circulation. Depending on exposure duration cold is effective either in increasing muscle tone or muscle relaxation.
Several sessions of cryomasssage improves skin texture and color. Skin becomes more tightened and resilient


  • enlarged pores,
  • face and body skin defects (acne, papillomas, warts),
  • allergic eruption; dry or oily seborrhea,
  • skin turgor and elasticity reduction,
  • face skin pallor,
  • baldness.

Cryomassage is also used as a part of rehabilitation measures after esthetic surgery to stabilize results of cosmetic procedures: plastic surgery, skin resurfacing, laser pilling, photoepilation, dermabrasion, etc. Also cryomassage is carried out to prevent aging and to increase skin tone. Cryomassage with liquid nitrogen is often used in conjunction with other rejuvenating procedures such as ultrasonic or mechanical face cleaning.


Before cryomassage procedure the patient should be inspected for diseases, allergies or other contraindications.
Cryomassage is not recommended in case of individual cold intolerance or cold allergy. Contraindications for cryomassage procedures are:

  • frequent migraines,
  • Herpes virus,
  • heat,
  • hypertension and cardiovascular insufficiency,
  • old myocardial infarction or blood stroke,
  • skin inflammatory processes (couperose or pustular diseases).

Cryotherapy Equipment form Cryotec: Prices & Services

Cryotec offers various equipment for the whole body air cryotherapy and cryomassage in SPA, Wellness and Fitness centers. Our equipment range includes one-, two- and three-chamber air cryosaunas Criohome and CrioSpace, made in Germany, unique wellness complexes for large SPA salons, sports centers, country houses, etc.

Оur catalog includes CryoJet, cryotherapy device for local air cryotherapy. CryoJet is used as a cooling system to support almost all thermal procedures in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, such as pilling, skin resurfacing, dermabrasion and other treatment with excess heat release to skin. We sell cryogenic devices for cryomassage from leading European manufacturers, whose products are characterized by high quality, work efficiency and reliability. All equipment is certified and meets high safety standards.

To order equipment for cryomassage and other therapeutic procedures with liquid nitrogen, please, contact Cryotec by phone +7(495)2349814.