Set for aesthetic medicine

Cryomassage roller KМV-25
Cryomassage roller KMV-25 for cryomassage procedures with liquid nitrogen in beauty salons.
Cryomassage roller KМV-35
Cryomassage roller KMV-35 for cryomassage procedures with liquid nitrogen in beauty salons.
Dewar vessel Lab L-2012 M

Dewar vessel L-2012 with capacity of 12 liters for transportation and storage of liquid nitrogen. For laboratory and industrial applications.

CryoStik 2.0

Cryotool CryoStik 2.0 is designed for cryodestruction of small volumes of pathological neoplasms in the field of dermatology, cosmetology, dentistry and laryngology.

Cryomassage stick СMP-01

Cryomassage sticks for cosmetological procedures with liquid nitrogen in beauty salons.

Fluid transfer PU-512-35

Fluid transfer device PU-512-35 for transfer liquid nitrogen from Dewar vessel L-2012 ans L-2035 into another container due to small overpressure.  For laboratory and general industrial applications.

Thermos 0.35 l

0.35 L thermos from corrosion-resistant steel is designed for short-term storage of liquid nitrogen.

Set for aesthetic medicine includes:
- Cryo-massage sticks for the procedures
- Thermos for liquid nitrogen to cool cryomassage sticks
- Dewar vessel for storage of liquid nitrogen
- Liquid transfer device for overflowing liquid nitrogen from a Dewar vessel into a thermos bottle.

Download Instructions for working with liquid nitrogen.

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