Cryogenic gasificator VRV-6/18 + RMP-160/3S

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Cryogenic gasificator VRV-6/18 + RMP-160/3S is designed for efficient gasification of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, LNG and their delivery in the gaseous state to the customer. The system includes: a cryogenic tank VRV-6/18 , a pressure buildup vaporizer, air vaporizer RMP-160/3S, shutoff, control and safety valves, and instrumentation and controls.

The gasificator with a working capacity of 5,653 liters, operating pressure up to 18 bar and productivity rate of 160 Nm³/hr for oxygen, 185 Nm³/hr for nitrogen, 200 Nm³/hr for argon

Cryogenic tank VRV 6/18  
Cryogenic products Liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, NO2, LNG
Tank type Vertical
Nominal capacity 5,950 liters
Working capacity 5,653 liters
Pressure 18 bar
O.D. 1680 mm
Height 5800 mm
Empty vessel weight 3500 kg
Static losses O2 under atm. 0.32% per day
Design temperature minus 196°C
Insulation vacuum pearlite
Materials used Internal vessel from stainless steel
External case from carbon steel
Pipelines Stainless steel
Control devices Pressure gauge and level gauge (sensors on request)
Equipment includes Pressure buildup vaporizer
Safety group for external case and internal vessel
Complex group of fittings and control devices
Air vaporizer RMP-180/4  
Description Evaporation systems of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, NO2, LNG
Productivity rate 160 Nm³/hr
185 Nm³/hr
200 Nm³/hr
Working pressure max. 40 bar
Materials used Aluminum or aluminum and stainless steel
On request Low temperature protection system after evaporation
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