Cryogenic vessel VRV-3-60/23 + RMP with telemetry

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Cryogenic gasifier VRV-3-60 /23 + RMP with telemetry by order is designed for effective gasification of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon dioxide, LNG and their delivery in the gaseous state to the consumer. The system includes: a cryogenic tank, a boost evaporator, an RMP air evaporator, a shut-off and control valve and a safety valve, instrumentation

Cryogenic gasifier can have capacity from 3,000 up to 60,000 l, working pressure 23 bar and productivity from 30 up to 2500 Nm³/hr.

Cryogenic vessels VRV Eagle  
Cryogenic products liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon, CO2, NO2, LNG
Tank type vertical
Capacity from 3000 up to 60 000 l
Pressure  23 bar
Design temperature minus 196℃
Isolation vacuum-perlite
Used materials internal vessel from stainless steel
external shell from carbon steel
Pipelines stainless steel
Control devices pressure gauge and level indicator (by order)
Equipment includes Pressure build up vaporizer
Safety group for internal vessel and external shell
Complex group of fittings and control devices
Lift eyes Stainless steel
Transport supports from stainless steel, shell mounted
Transport dimensions Optimized for handling and transportation
By order Vessel parameter telemetry system
Air evaporators RMP  
Description Liquid nitrogen eveporation systems
oxygen, argon , СО2, NO2, LNG
Productivity From 30 up to 2500 Nm³ per hour
Working pressure From 40 up to 400 bar
Used materials Aluminium or aluminium and stainless steel
By order Safety system from low temperatures after evaporation