Liquid nitrogen doser iLin-300-170-100k

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Liquid nitrogen doser LINinject  iLin-300-170-100k with the length of the "trunk" of 170 mm is designed to create overpressure and inert atmosphere in soft flexible containers during filling and packing of "calm" liquids and food products by injecting a dose of liquid nitrogen into each bottle (tare) at a rate up to 96,000 bottles/hr. It is used for package water, oil, non-carbonated beverages, etc. in any type of containers. Liquid nitrogen injection allows "Hot Fill" process without costs for heat treatment, to create inert atmosphere in the package extending the shelf life of the product, to create overpressure and thereby avoid losses due to "non-commodity" type of packing.

Dosing product liquid nitrogen
Built cryovessel capacity 6 l
Liquid nitrogen dose (min/max)  0,1-1,0 ml
Dosing velocity  up to 96 000 doses/hr
Control program
PLC Siemens
Encoder connection availability yes