Cryogenic storage HS-200 M

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Hermetic cryogenic storage units HS-200 M produced by ASKION is a fully automated storage system for bio-samples in the liquid nitrogen gas phase at temperatures below -150°C.

HS-200 M model includes a robotic sorting device Cherry Picking Robot for treatment of individual samples and is equipped with an automated system of interchangeable grippers and a modern gripper for shelves/racks of the latest design SBS Rack Gripper. This combination of devices ensures maximum flexibility of the storage system. With simultaneous reduction in the sample processing temperature to -130°C and lower an even higher level of sample quality maintenance is achieved.

The main advantage of hermetic storage ASKION HS-200 M is possibility to maintain continuous cold chain, the upper temperature limit does not exceed -130°C.

Hermetic cryogenic storage HS-200 M includes up to 291 000 cryogenic tubes with a volume of 0.3 ml (FluidX)

Diameter of container

1.8 m
Module sq.area 3.4х4.0 m
Module height


Maximum weight (fully filled) 3500 kg

Mounting height (min)

3 m
Floor load (max) 1300 kg/m2