Dewar vessel Bio BS-2004 M

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Dewar vessel BS-2004 M with capacity of 5,2 liters for safe transportation of biological samples in the "dry" phase of liquid nitrogen. Porous absorbent in the internal vessel absorbing liquid nitrogen ensures preservation of bio-samples even in the case of accidental overturning of the vessel. They are used in medicine, biology, livestock, research activity and is of highest quality. They allow to transport various samples in straws and cryovials. Additionally, the vessels can be equipped with an electronic recorder to record the "temperature history" of the samples. The transport metal case with porous gasket is available optionally.

Useful capacity, liters 5.2
Absorbed volume of liquid nitrogen, l/kg 4.5 / 3.6
Empty vessel weight, kg 6.1
Gross vessel weight, kg 9.7
Overall height, mm 497
Outer diameter, mm 251
Internal height, mm 280
Neck I.D., mm 70
Losses, liters/day 0.23
Static holding time, days 19.6

Storage systems

Quantity of containers 1
Container size, mm 66 х 270
Quantity of levels for flasks 2
Cryostraws 0.25 ml 1640
Cryostraws 0.50 ml 730
Cryotubes 2/5 ml (2 ml - 3 cryotubes per miniholder; 5 ml -3 cryotubes per miniholde ) 80/48