Dewar vessel Bio B-2011 M

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Dewar vessel with low evaporation rate B-2011 M with capacity of 12 liters for transportation and storage of biological materials in liquid nitrogen. It is a "vessel in a vessel" with screen vacuum isolation to minimize losses of liquid nitrogen due to evaporation. For laboratory and industrial applications. It is designed to meet requirements of biology, medicine and agriculture: the container system is ideal for storing biomaterials in straws, cryotubes and cryovials. The cover can be locked with a padlock to prevent unauthorized access to biomaterials. The vessel can be optionally equipped with a roller base and a liquid nitrogen level detector

Useful capacity, liters 12
Empty vessel weight without canisters, kg 8,1
Gross vessel weight without canisters, kg 17,8
Overall height, mm 623
Outer diameter, mm 310
Neck I.D., mm 51
Static losses rate, liters/day 0,11
Static holding time, days 109

Storage systems

Quantity of canisters 6  
Quantity of goblet levels 2  
Canister height, mm 270  
Canister I.D., mm 37  
French straws, 0.25 ml 2700 in canes
French straws, 0.50 ml 1200 in canes
High security straws CBS 0.5 ml 780 in canes
Cryovials ø 12 mm, 48 mm height (6 per cane) 216 only in high canisters
Cryovials ø 12 mm, 55 mm height (5 per cane) 180  
Cryovials ø 12 mm, 45 mm height (6 per cane) 252  
Cryovials ø 12 mm, 75 mm height (2 per cane) 72