Ready-to-use cryobank

Robot-based cryobank ASKION C-line

Cryobank ASKION on the basis of hermetic robotic cryogenic storage HS200S, functionality of which have no analogues in the global market. Hermetic cryo-storages are designed by German company ASKION GmbH and have a number of fundamentally new solutions in comparison with classical cryo-storages, in particular

Cryobank ASKION + CryoDiffusion_Consarctic
There are only few units of the qualitatively produced cryobanks in the world. We offer a solution that combines the best of these few systems. Our practical experience in cryogenic engineering and control systems allows us to combine the best cryogenic equipment with the best achievements in the field of management and control of cryobanks in Germany, France, Italy, etc. All you need is a desire, medical personnel, premises and some financial resources.

Ready-to-use cryobank usually includes:

- design of the system;

- supply, installation and commissioning of equipment;

- training of medical and technical personnel;

- maintenance during the entire life cycle of the equipment.

Technologically  the ready-to-use cryobank includes the program freezing system, classical or hermetic robotic cryogenic storages, the storage system, the system for supply and automatic refueling of cryo-storages and other facilities with liquid nitrogen, the gas analytic system, and also the cryobank` protection, control and management systems.

Possibility to upgrade the existing cryobank and to automate the complete process is one more argument to choose Cryotec Company as a supplier of equipment and professional services.