History, researches and developments.

Cryotec сompany was founded by two researchers of the General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences in May 1996. Head office of the company is located in the building of the Institute.

Long-term experience of scientific researches of the company's employees in the field of low temperature physics and cryogenic equipment became a basis of the company's activity in the development, production and sale of cryogenic and microcryogenic equipment and technologies for medicine, industry, science and agriculture.

We suppose that the company's reputation in the market is a key feature and it is being developed for a long time. We create our reputation steady and thoroughly.

However we work efficiently, accepting challenges set by our customers and the market at large.

 At present time stuff of Cryotec counts of 30 highly qualified full-time employers. If necessary, we recruit specialists to various projects on a temporary basis. Key positions in the company occupy physics scientists and cryogenic engineers with high experience in design and engineering. Development and production of small series of high-tech cryogenic equipment in the shortest period of time is one of the fundamental principles of our company.

We are proud that we are one of the two companies in Europe who pessess the technology and know-how for production of the automatic dosing systems AzotInject for liquid nitrogen injection to PET, aluminum cans, glass bottles and other type of containers in the filling and packing lines of liquid foods and household detergents to create overpressure and inert atmosphere.

Cryotec is the only company in Russia that since 1996 established serial production of portable cryo-surgical devices working on liquid nitrogen with vacuum isolation. In the propcess of their manufacture we use only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials (stainless steel, copper, chrome, fluoroplastics, silicone, etc.). Cryo-surgical instrument CryoIney was awarded with a bronze medal and a diploma on the Geneva Invention Show in 1998. 

Development is completed and a prototype of the unique cryogenic smoke generator for concert venues, discos, theatrical and other show will be tested this year.

All our developments and inventions are protected by RF Patents and PCT.

In early 2010, Cryotec company passed the certification procedure for ISO-9000 and has since been inspected every year to confirm certification.

Since 2000 Cryotec becomes the exclusive distributor in Russia, CIS and Baltic states of the unique medical devices. This refers to CryoSpace, cold chamber for the whole-body air criotherapy, and CryoJet, medical device for the local air cryotherapy, manufactured by German company Crio Medizintechnik GmbH, which since 2005 became the part of Linde Gas Therapeutics GmbH, the subsidiary company of the world largest cryogenic gas company Linde Group. Later this cryotherapy department became the part of the world famous German company Zimmer MedizinSysteme GmbH.

Cryotec is also a distributor of such well-known European companies as VRV (Italy), Cryo Diffusion (France), Consarctic (Germany), Airsonett (Sweden), H & O Equipments (Belgium), Askion (Germany) which manufacture gasificators, cryobank equipment - cryogenic storages, program freezers, Dewar vessels, and much more.

We were the first company in Moscow that organized sale of liquid nitrogen in small quantities in Dewar vessels with a capacity of 6 and 16 liters which could be delivered to the customers within Moscow. Now more than 900 regular customers take advantage of this service.

We support regular business contacts with medical institutions all over Russia, as well as with leading centers and specialists in the field of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, pulmonology, sports medicine, cryoconservation.

More than 1000 large, middle and small companies, plants and institutions in Russia and the CIS countries are among our regular customers. During the company's existence, we have completed more than 75,000 orders for liquid nitrogen and more than 8.5 thousand orders for equipment.

Cryotec company provides all its customers with warranty and post-warranty services, complete document sets in Russian and assists in training.

We are looking forward to cooperation with all legal and physical persons interested in our products and services.